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Peoria Day Surgery Center is an ambulatory surgery center licensed in Illinois with the Department of Public Health. The Center was established in 1990 to provide patients with convenient, low cost, quality health care.

Peoria Day Surgery Center is owned by the following medical professionals:

Justin Ahlman, MD, Maqbool Ali, MD, Joseph Banno, MD, William Bond, MD, Stuart Bowers, Fred Braastad, MD, Kevin Brattain, DPM, Giovanni Colombo, MD, Joshua Croland, MD, Anthony DeCeanne, DPM, Sophia Drinis, MD, James Geraghty, MD, Jacek Graczykowksi, MD, Jose Hernandez, MD, Raymond Heyde, MD, Demaceo Howard, MD, Keith Ifft, MD, James Klemens, MD, George Lane, MD, Christopher Lansford, MD, Lindsey Ma, MD, John Mueller, MD. Tamara Olt, MD, Larry Overcash, MD, Gavish Patel, MD, Brent Parry, DPM, Harrison Putman, MD, Chittaranjan Reddy, MD, John Richier, MD, John Ruff, DPM, Sarat Sabharwal, MD, James Sheridan, MD, Mark Smith, DPM, Robert Stuart, MD, Lori Teverbaugh, MD, Ira Uretzky, MD, Michael Vidas, MD, and Curtis Ward, DPM.